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Do you want to offset your CO2 emissions?

Through the purchase of VER-type credits registered on the eCO2care registry you can contribute to climate mitigation by neutralizing the CO2eq emissions of your product, service, event and your entire organization by supporting projects implemented on the ground that have completed the verification pathway of the generated credits.

How to purchase credits on eCO2care:
  1. Create a buyer-type account on eCO2care by filling out our registration form; registering is completely free.
  2. Log in to your restricted area and view the projects registered on eCO2care, so you can choose the one most suitable for you from which to buy VER credits.
  3. If you already know the number of credits you wish to purchase, notify the seller/delegate through the dedicated form, enter the price at which you would like to purchase VER credits and request permanent withdrawal of the credits. The registry, upon request by the project proponent and confirmation by the buyer, will permanently remove the amount of credits you have purchased from the proponent's account by tracking all transactions in favor of the buyer. If, on the other hand, you do not know your emissions and need support in calculating the climate footprint (Carbon Footprint) of your product (ISO 14067) or organization (ISO 14064 Part I), please contact us.
  4. When you purchase VERs, you will obtain a "Permanent Withdrawal Certificate" that will allow you to use the related "eCO2care - Carbon Account Registry for Climate Neutrality" Mark. Use of the eCO2care Mark requires the purchaser to pay a fee that is proportional to the number of VERs cancelled in accordance with our fee schedule.

Do you want to sell your VER credits?

If you want to operate in the credit trading market on the eCO2care registry, you must create an Account. If you do not have the Account, please proceed as follows.

Account Creation
  1. Fill out the Registration form online
  2. Make the Payment related to Account creation according to the fee schedule
  3. Upload the payment receipt.
  4. The Administrator creates the account and sends the details to access the reserved area.

Once you have created your Account, you can register a project. To register a project, you must have completed the third-party certification process. If you already have a carbon credit certificate, proceed as follows.

Project Registration
  1. Log in to your reserved area.
  2. Fill out the online Registration Form providing details of the project(s) and the required documents (PDD, Project Design Document; VER Validation Report, Validation Conformity Statement) that should be formally confirmed by the verifier
  3. Make the Payment relating to the Project Registration according to the fee schedule
  4. Upload payment receipt.
  5. After a formal check, the Administrator will add the project(s) and related credits to the Registry.

The project proponent may register as many or fewer credits than the credits generated by the project and verified. Unregistered credits may be added later upon payment of the appropriate registration fee.

By registering on the eCO2care Registry, you agree to the Terms of Use

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