Price List

Price List - eCO2care REGISTRY


The following rates apply to all services attributable to eCO2care Registry and are understood to be net of net of VAT and any statutory charges.

Account Creation
Creation of a Vendor/Deputy Account
  • Account Creation valid for an unlimited, until receipt of a request to close of the account
    1.500 €
  • Transactions
    Free for an of transactions unlimited and until the issue of new rate card.
  • Account Closure
Project Registration

VERs generated by projects in order to be registered must be held by a Project Proponent already registered. The fee is proportional to the number of VERs registered according to the following fee schedule.

Registered VERs Tariff
< 1.000 100 €
1.001 - 5.000 250 €
5.001 - 10.000 700 €
10.001 - 25.000 1.500 €
25.001 - 50.000 2.400 €
50.001 - 100.000 2.800 €
100.001 - 300.000 3.500 €
300.001 - 500.000 4.000 €
Oltre 500.000 6.000 €
Trade Mark Use

The Organization that has obtained a “Certificate of permanent withdrawal” can use the relevant Trademark "eCO2care – Carbon Account Registry for Climate Neutrality" subject to the granting of the rights by the owners of the Trademark (Stipulation of the license agreement of Brand name). The rate is applied to the buyer and is proportional to the number of canceled VERs according to the following tariff. Cost of issuing the use of the trademark:

  • € 10 including the cancellation of the first 100 VERs.
  • The next 3,000 VERs have a cost additional amount of 0.1 €/VERs proportional to the no. of canceled VERs
  • Over 3,000 VERs withdrawn the total cost of obtaining the mark is equal to €300.


This fee schedule applies - where not otherwise specified - to services related to the eCO2care Registry. It is valid from 31-03-2023 and is considered valid until a new schedule of fees is issued. The registry operator reserves the right to change the tariffs in accordance with market developments.


Bank transfer to:



ABI: 03332 CAB: 01400 Swift: PASBITGG

IBAN: IT70B0333201400000000961094

Reason: Company Name – Service activated (eg. Account Creation / Project Registration / Usage Brand)

For non-EU transfers, the OUR Option applies (Charges are covered only by the originator, who will also bear the fees charged by the receiving bank)

By registering on the eCO2care Registry you accept the general conditions of use “Terms of Use”.

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