Colbus – Mimosa Project

The Project to develop the ColBUS service in the urban area of Bologna and the system for tracking and reporting the savings achieved in CO2 emissions and their conversion into "mobility credits," is part of Measure 6.2 of the MIMOSA project. The Mimosa project of the CIVITAS program aims to demonstrate the benefits in terms of energy, sanitation and environmental sustainability of a package of actions to promote and implement efficient urban transport measures (i.e., regulations, communication strategies, new mobility offers, etc.), focusing on the sustainable concept of mobility. Measure 6.2 MobiMart of the Mimosa project includes several climate-reducing projects targeting four different transport modes car-pooling, car-sharing, flexible transport services and bike-sharing. The project in particular involves the study and implementation of a system of "mobility credits," which is a rewarding system of virtuous behavior related to the transportation and mobility sector. The rewarding system will be implemented through: - the development of specific modes of collective transport that can be measured and quantified; - an appropriate methodology for calculating the tons of CO2 saved; - a system for converting these reductions into so-called "mobility credits," which can be awarded to virtuous citizens or administrations.

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SRM - Reti e Mobilità


Via A. Magenta, 16 Bologna (Bologna) Italy



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