Torrione, Colleretto, Giacosa, Bairo landfills

The project activity refers to the installation of geCO2 system, a technology with methane abatement action contained in the biogas migrating from the MSW landfill body. The biogas produced and intercepted thanks to the capture system with methane percentages higher than 25% can be sent to the cogeneration system for power generation or to combustion through the use of the flare. The geCO2 system is a plant applied to intercept and recover methane when it has concentrations below 25% that do not allow the biogas to be sent to the flare. The project activity is included in a broad planning logic at a spatial and temporal level, in fact in the year 2005 Entsorga Italia srl installed the geCO2 system in the Torrione landfill of Acea Pinerolese Industriale and in the year 2008 in the Colleretto Giacosa and Bairo landfills of Società Canavesana Servizi. This project activity therefore refers to the reduction of CO2eq emissions produced by the geCO2 system in three Italian landfills in the Piedmont region: Bairo, Colleretto Giacosa and Torrione of Acea Pinerolese Industriale.

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Waste handling and disposal




RINA Services S.p.A.

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co2balance Italia


Strada per Castelnuovo Scrivia 7/9 Tortona (Alessandria) Italy



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