Building renovations, with demolition of the building and its reconstruction in class A or B

This project was carried out under the Life LAIKA project ( and concerns credits produced for the purpose of a simulation and not actual credits that can be purchased. The intervention involves the demolition of the buildings and their reconstruction in class A or B, with the possibility of building extensions within 20% or 10% of the total existing volume prior to the intervention. The reconstruction of the buildings includes the adoption of the best insulation systems, as well as condensation or geothermal or small cogeneration heating systems integrated with renewable source systems (solar thermal and photovoltaic), to ensure high energy performance. The technical description of the interventions planned for each building is contained within the opinion expressed by the Municipality of Bologna on the technical reports submitted for each building prepared according to L. 10/91, attached to the DDP. Energy efficient technologies and solutions (insulation systems, condensing or geothermal heating systems or small cogeneration). Interventions include the installation of the following types of generators: - Methane wall-mounted boiler heat generator, solar thermal system - Geothermal heat pump generator, solar thermal system and photovoltaic system - Methane boilers, solar thermal system and photovoltaic system - Heat pump and solar thermal system - Heat system, solar thermal system and photovoltaic system - Cogenerator and condensing boiler,solar thermal system and photovoltaic system - Methane condensing heat generator,solar thermal system and photovoltaic system.

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Comune Bologna


Piazza Maggiore, 6 Bologna (Bologna) Italy



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