Energy requalification of 6 school buildings

This project was carried out under the Life LAIKA project ( and concerns credits produced for the purpose of a simulation and not actual credits that can be purchased. Routine and extraordinary building maintenance interventions aimed not only at maintaining the performance levels required for the intended use and function of individual technical elements, but also at decreasing the energy requirements of the building envelope and the efficiency of the heating system and domestic hot water production. The energy upgrades to the building envelopes and systems of six school buildings are: -insulation of the perimeter walls, with implementation (where possible) of external insulation with simultaneous elimination of thermal bridges of slabs and pillars. In all cases, the resulting thermal transmittance values (W/m2K) will comply with the limits set by regional regulations; -insulation of flat roofs and flat floors on attic; -replacement of exterior window and door frames with new high-performance frames; -installation of temperature control systems, with the use of thermovalves and room thermostats; -replacement of existing boilers with new condensing generators (replacement of pumps, control valves, insulation of piping and other ancillary works).

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