Samboko-Ituri Forest

The present project aims to preserve an area of approximately 90,000 ha in the Samboko-Ituri Forest (Democratic Republic of Congo). The Proponent of the Project, a Congolese company named Planète sprl, has borrowed the area in order to make business through timber trading. But, if it is possible to have a business with the safeguard of forest and, successively, the opportunity to earn money from the market of VERs, it will be possible not to make deforestation and, on the other hand, to preserve the forest. Moreover, this protection activity will be carry out by the Proponent of the Project through the improvement of the forest boundaries, the hiring and training of appropriate personnel, a monitoring activity, and the implementation of the trading of local products (such as palm oil, coffee and honey) in order to also avoid illegal deforestation activity by local human communities living in the area. Finally, the purpose of the project is also to avoid deforestation with small-scale reforestation activities in order to restore illegal logging. Eco-sustainable activities will be implemented by the above mentioned local human communities. All this project activities will be possible exclusively by means of funds deriving from Carbon Finance.

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Afforestation and reforestation


Democratic Republic of the Congo


RINA Services S.p.A.

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*VER at the availability of one or more delegates

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Avenue Colonel Ebeya, 13 Commune de la Gombe, KINSHASA () Democratic Republic of the Congo



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